Friday, 5 May 2017


Once our crew was going to Africa because we had these robots.The robots were helpful for them.They were going to have good lives.But when we were imagining we heard a CLANG!!!We were shocked.There were pirates on the ship.The pirates were not trying to kill us they were after the robots .The robots were very very important to the people in Africa as they had no food but the robots can give them it.But when the pirates got there the robots popped out of there little cubby. The robots saved us we thought that  maybe we could keep them for us.But we thought no we still want them but the people in Africa need them the most. The robots picked up one of the pirates and threw him off the ship.The ship was very very big.If you went on the top it will hurt and you might die but lucky the pirate did not get thrown off the top of the ship.The crew got to the people in time and they survived. The people in Africa were so so so so so so happy and they were so court up in eating they forgot to say thank you and we were waiting for a thank you but the were starving so we left.[The End]

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